Our Commitment
The OBGYN Pavilion Commitment

For over a decade, thousands of women and their referring physicians have come to rely on The OBGYN Pavilion's commitment and dedication to the highest standards of medical care.

Our dedicated team of physicians and other medical professionals, assisted by highly qualified and sensitive staff, truly believe that the patient comes first. That translates into a safe, comfortable environment where each patient is surrounded by the latest technology and equipment and by staff members who care.

While most of The OBGYN Pavilionís patients come from the New York metropolitan area, our reputation for excellence transcends regional boundaries and attracts patients from across the country and abroad.

The OBGYN Pavilionís mission has but a single focus: offering the finest specialized, confidential care for women.

Please contact The OBGYN Pavilion for more information or to schedule an appointment at (718) 369-1900

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